TRR 175 The Green Hub - Central Coordinator of Acclimation in Plants

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 No.TitlePrincipal InvestigatorOrganization
A02 Chloroplast ribonucleoproteins - stabilizing chloroplast RNA pools during acclimation responses Schmitz-Linneweber, Christian HU Berlin
A03 Integrators that acclimate plastid RNA homeostasis in response to environmental and metabolic stimuli Meurer, Jörg LMU München
A04 Dynamics of plastid translation and translational regulation in acclimation processes Zoschke, Reimo, MPI Golm
A05 Analysis of co-translationally acting factors regulating the biogenesis of chloroplast-encoded proteins Willmund, Felix TU Kaiserslautern
A06 Light-dependent integrators of chloroplast gene expression and C-metabolism in Chlamydomonas Nickelsen, Jörg LMU München
A07 PPR proteins as modulators of chloroplast translation and RNA stability during temperature acclimation Ruwe, Hannes HU Berlin
B02 Role of thioredoxins and regulation of starch metabolism in acclimation to light and temperature Geigenberger, Peter LMU München
B03 Function of chloroplast located sugars in acclimation to cold temperatures Neuhaus, Ekkehard TU Kaiserslautern
B04 Influence of ascorbate-mediated signalling on plastidial metabolism and photosynthesis Fernie, Alisdair MPI Golm
B06 Acclimation of protein import into chloroplasts Schwenkert, Serena LMU München
B07 Acclimation to fluctuating light: cyclic electron flow Leister Dario, Naranjo Belen LMU München
B08 Chloroplast nucleotide homeostasis and its interplay with photosynthesis during cold acclimation Möhlmann, Thorsten TU Kaiserslautern
C01 Identification of novel components of the OGE retrograde and acclimation signalling pathways Kleine, Tatjana LMU München
C02 Dissection of the chloroplast unfolded membrane protein response in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii Schroda, Michael TU Kaiserslautern
C04 Role of heme for plastid retrograde signaling Grimm, Bernhard HU Berlin
C05 Mechanisms and components of STN7- and GUN1-dependent retrograde signalling Leister, Dario Kaufmann, Kerstin LMU München
C06 Regulation of flavonoid biosynthesis by plastid-derived signals Richter, Andreas HU Berlin
D02 Extraction of acclimation modulators from -omics data by agreggating single components into modular processes Mühlhaus, Timo TU Kaiserslautern
D03 Mathematical modelling of regulatory processes during acclimation Klipp, Edda, Nägele, Thomas HU Berlin, LMU München
INF Reseach-driven cultivation of contextualized data for plant biology

Mühlhaus, Timo

TU Kaiserslautern