TRR 175 The Green Hub - Central Coordinator of Acclimation in Plants

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Extraction of acclimation modulators from -omics data by agreggating single components into modular processes

The central aim of this project is to understand acclimation at the systems levels by classifying spe-cific and generic acclimation response elements with a focus on processes coordinated by the chlo-roplast. Therefore, we will develop and apply data analytical strategies that enable the analysis of large datasets from mass spectrometry-based quantitative shotgun proteomics experiments involving 15N metabolic labeling and a graph-based integration and comparison of data from different system level across plant species.




Schematic overview of the two-tier strategy for knowledge extraction from ‘omics data. Improving in parallel the processing and the inference step maximize the knowledge that can be extracted from ‘omics data.