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Role of reversible phosphorylation of GUN4 in acclimation, retrograde signalling and tetrapyrrole biosynthesis

GENOMES UNCOUPLED 4 (GUN4) is an essential stimulator of Mg-chelatase and its phosphorylation lowers the MgCh activity leading to attenuation of Proto consumption for chlorophyll biosynthesis. Our objectives include examination (i) of the impact of GUN4 phosphorylation on optimized environ-mental acclimation for chlorophyll biosynthesis and plastid retrograde signalling and vice versa (ii) of the molecular control mechanisms of GUN4 phosphorylation in response to changing light and tem-perature conditions and acclimation. To this end the molecular mechanisms of the modulated action of phosphorylated GUN4 will be examined in-vitro and in-planta and the GUN4 protein kinase identi-fied.