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The role of OEP16 and OEP40 in cold acclimation

We have recently identified two chloroplast outer envelope localized solute channels, namely OEP16.1 and OEP40, which are also involved in cold acclimation in Arabidopsis. Our goal is to un-derstand how OEP16.1 and OEP40 contribute to metabolic networking and signalling during cold acclimation. This will be achieved 1. by obtaining a detailed understanding of their biochemical prop-erties, e.g. substrate specificity, regulation of gating and protein structure, and 2. by analysing the transcriptional, post-translational and metabolic changes, which depend on OEP16.1 and OEP40 in vivo in an organelle and tissue-specific quantitative manner during the acclimation process.